Online Private Calligraphy Lessons

Learn calligraphy from anywhere! Thanks to online tools like Zoom, we don’t have to be in the same city (or state, or even country!) to work together. I offer live online calligraphy lessons to help you learn calligraphy with personalized feedback every step of the way. Each lesson will include instruction, detailed feedback, worksheets, and a list of resources.

Email me at to schedule your lesson and start your calligraphy journey!

Lesson Options:

Brush Calligraphy - $75 for 1 hour
iPad Lettering - $75 for 1 hour
Watercolor - $75 for 1 hour

Schedule 3 or more sessions and receive a complimentary 30 minute consultation to create a personalized lesson plan

Getting Started with Procreate for iPad - $50 for 30 minutes

Includes a custom brush, worksheet, and resources page with tips/tricks. Can be scheduled as an add-on or standalone session.

Online Calligraphy Lesson
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